Carbon War Room is a global initiative set up by Sir Richard Branson that accelerates entrepreneurial solutions to deploy profitable, scalable clean technologies.

Breaking Barriers & Increasing Capital Flow

CWR focuses on breaking down market barriers for capital to flow to entrepreneurial solutions, taking a global, sector-based approach.

Carbon War Room launched to provide the world's first free-access, online service that collates and ranks the world's renewable jet fuel producers. For the past two years Carbon War Room has set out to help airlines identify the 'best' renewable fuel producers. We asked fuel producers from around the world to send (and keep sending) their latest data – because if airlines had better information about renewable jet fuel producers, they could move forward faster and sign future purchasing contracts, which would help producers to raise the money needed to build commercial-scale production facilities, ultimately helping to provide greener air travel for us all.

Carbon War Room’s Aviation Operation is funded entirely from donations from philanthropists (including, but not limited to, our Founders Circle) and companies (i.e. Sapphire Energy and Virgin Atlantic). The Carbon War Room's Founders Circle includes Sir Richard Branson, Boudewijn Poelmann, Idan Ofer and others.