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  1. Brazil World Cup team flies high on sustainable jet fuel
Brazil World Cup team flies high on sustainable jet fuel

By Will Nichols
Published June 19, 2014

Brazil is off to a flying start at the World Cup fueled by Neymar, Oscar and used cooking oil.

GOL Airlines, which is transporting the Seleção, is using Honeywell Green Jet Fuel made from inedible corn oil and used cooking oil blended with 50 percent petroleum-based jet fuel to power 200 commercial flights during the competition, including those carrying the national team to games across Brazil.

UOP LLC, the Honeywell-owned company that developed the process behind the fuel, has supplied nearly 92,000 liters to GOL and says it will reduce greenhouse gases by 185 metric tonnes of CO2 over the course of the event.

The fuel, which Honeywell claims produces 65 to 85 percent lower emissions than purely petroleum-based fuels, was also used on flights to the Rio+20 UN Conference in 2012. Around 30 million tonnes (114 million liters) is expected to be produced when the first fully commercial production of renewable jet fuel in the United States starts up this year, of which United Airlines is due to purchase 15 million gallons (57 million liters).

"Honeywell Green Jet Fuel offers lower emissions than traditional petroleum-derived jet fuel and can be made from a variety of non-edible feedstocks, providing a flexible, renewable solution to meeting the current and future needs of Latin America and elsewhere," said Veronica May, vice president and general manager of UOP's Renewable Energy and Chemicals business unit.

In related news, Richard Branson has revealed Delta Airlines has joined his Carbon War Room initiative to accelerate the airline industry's transition to renewable jet fuels.

Branson said the program's aim is to overcome the "chicken-or-egg" situation preventing widespread adoption of renewable jet fuel whereby producers struggle for finance without proof of a market and airlines cannot create the market without reliable, affordable and sustainable supplies.

"Delta recognizes that our commitment and responsibility extends well beyond our customers and includes being good global corporate citizens," added John Laughter, Delta's senior vice president for corporate safety, security and compliance. "Supporting the Carbon War Room is a great step forward as we strive to lead the industry in innovation and sustainability."

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