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Revolutionary Technology Aids Thirsty Crops During Drought

By Renewable Jet Fuels January 20, 2014
January 16, 2014 Contact: Layne Cameron (, Alvin Smucker Plant ( Kathy Walsh ( While much of the nation’s crops withered under last year’s punishing drought, Michigan State University researchers dramatically increased corn and vegetable production on test farms using revolutionary new water-saving membranes. The subsurface water retention technology process was developed by Alvin Smucker, MSU professor of soil biophysics and MSU AgBioResearch scientist. ...
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Senate rejects amendment gutting military biofuels program by 40-59 vote

By Renewable Jet Fuels March 26, 2013
"Senate rejects amendment gutting military biofuels program by 40-59 vote" By Zack Colman | March 20th, 2013 An amendment to a $984 billion Senate government funding bill that would have stripped funds from the Defense Department's drop-in biofuels program failed by a 40-59 vote on Wednesday. Sen. Pat Toomey's (R-Pa.) amendment aimed to shift $60 million from the Defense biofuels effort to the department's operations and management budget. ...
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