Our mission is to reduce the aviation industry's greenhouse gas emissions by accelerating the scale-up of a sustainable renewable jet fuel industry.

Greener Fuels

Unlike road transport, air travel still doesn’t offer the consumer a green travel option. It is our goal to try to bring about greener flights for all by getting non-petroleum fuels from demonstration stage to commercial use on runways around the world.

We will accomplish this by solving the information barrier, encouraging sustainable technologies and business models, and helping the industry cross the financial “valley of death”. In its current, nascent stage, getting the growth capital needed for commercial-scale production build-out is a major challenge.

We are working with partners in the financial community, leading fuel purchasers, insurers, governments, and producers to help launch the industry.

The Carbon War Room is working to achieve its mission by tackling the market barriers that currently face the renewable jet fuel industry.

Market Barriers
Transparency and independently verified information about the advanced renewable fuel industry are currently lacking. Participants in the industry need a more complete understanding of the firms in the supply chain, risks, technology performance and differentiation, environmental and social impacts, and scalability of technologies and business models in order to form partnerships, sign contracts, and provide the finance that will be essential for this historic shift to a commercial-scale, global renewable jet fuel industry.
The industry and general public need to gain a better understanding of renewable fuel options, performance, challenges and opportunities in order for the industry to meet its potential.
The renewable jet fuels industry faces both real and perceived sustainability challenges. Advanced renewable fuels need strong, credible sustainability standards in order to help ensure that the industry develops sustainably and earns public acceptance. The standards and certification systems must be international, practical, credible and affordable for businesses to adopt them.
Access To Capital
Access to capital is a seemingly universal challenge for entrepreneurs today. For the advanced renewable fuel industry, access to sufficient finance to develop commercial-scale production facilities is the key barrier. The industry has to cross this financial “valley of death” in order to scale up.
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