Here are some tips to enhance your company’s ranking.

Get Third-party Validation

Independent validation of any claims can help to improve your score. Examples include:

  • Technology assurances by independent engineering firms
  • Technical certification of fuels or other products
  • Customer validation of claims (e.g. yield claims).

Sustainability certification by a rigorous third-party scheme will improve sustainability ranking. Examples include:

Provide More Complete Information

All companies have different levels of comfort with sharing information, depending upon their business model, stage, etc. There are good reasons for companies to withhold information, but the more information we have, the better we understand companies’ positions, allowing us to be more confident about moving companies on to our top ten list.

For more details on the data points that we are analysing and our relative weighting of metrics, see our methodology page.

Update Your Data

Closed a new funding round? Cutting the ribbon on a new production facility? Obtained a new technical or sustainability certification? Let us know! Send us your most important news and supporting documentation.

Please send submissions with your contact details to