Carbon War Room’s Aviation Operation aims to accelerate investment in and adoption of sustainable renewable fuels.

Step One: Bridge the Information Gap was created to help finance providers, policy makers, and other key stakeholders understand the complex and rapidly advancing renewable jet fuels space. Since its launch in 2011, we have been implementing a comprehensive communications and stakeholder engagement strategy to leverage to further enhance transparency and knowledge in the sector. attempts to provide comprehensive and transparent commercial and techno-economic information about companies in the advanced renewable fuels value chain to important industry stakeholders (e.g. fuel buyers, investors, and renewable fuel supply chain companies).

The Carbon War Room uses data collected from advanced renewable fuel companies and input from its expert advisors to assess renewable jet fuel supply chain companies, based on their sustainability, economic viability and potential to scale.

Milestones Ahead
Informing the Marketplace

The aviation fuel marketplace needs better and more transparent information about renewable fuel options, performance, challenges and opportunities in order for the renewable fuels industry to meet its potential. The Carbon War Room aims to make a global 'go to' source of information for finance providers, fuel-procurement professionals, researchers, and citizens alike. This will involve continually increasing the number of companies involved, the quality of information provided, and the quality of available online tools.

Accelerating Sustainable Solutions

The renewable jet fuels industry faces both real and perceived sustainability challenges. Advanced renewable fuels need strong, credible sustainability standards in order to help ensure that the industry develops sustainably and earns public acceptance. The standards and certification systems must be international, practical, comprehensive, and affordable for businesses to adopt them. The Carbon War Room will continue to work closely with the Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels (RSB), the only voluntary meta-standard for all renewable fuels that was developed through a fully transparent process, and other rigorous sustainability certification schemes to ensure that only the most promising and sustainable technologies are supported.

Increasing Access to Capital

Access to capital is a seemingly universal challenge for entrepreneurs today, made especially challenging by the current recession. For the advanced renewable fuel industry, access to sufficient finance to develop commercial-scale production facilities is a key barrier. The Carbon War Room is working with leading stakeholders to get the required capital flowing into promising projects in order to move the most viable, most sustainable and most scalable companies out of the demonstration stage and into commercial-scale production.